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The Real Power of Love: E-Stim, the Violet Wand and More!

January 26, 2022 Beth Liebling Episode 59
Come With Us Podcast
The Real Power of Love: E-Stim, the Violet Wand and More!
Show Notes

This week, the gang plays with what Aaron expects to be some "nerdy-ass Harry Potter thing" and expects that someone will "get their ass electrocuted" but no, the gang's playing with the Violet Wand, a gorgeous piece of electro-stim sex tech that is completely safe and, of course, somewhat shocking!

And of course, we all had to test it out, too!

Here are just a few things we buzzed about this episode:

  • What *is* the Violet Wand?
  • Hearing the buzzing
  • Seeing the purple electricity
  • Glass rake
  • Telsa developed the tech for the Violet Wand
  • Violet rays make you feel good
  • Static electricity
  • Electrostimulation
  • Electric Sex
  • E-Stim
  • Pacemakers + E-Stim
  • Burning body hair
  • Comparing E-Stim to getting a tattoo
  • The noise is intimidating. 
  • Using the Violet Wand heightens your awareness & sensation
  • You can use your body to conduct the electricity
  • How the rubber attachment on the Violet Wand works
  • Testing vibrators on the tip of your nose
  • Cattle prods
  • Electronic Stimulation is good for power play
  • Syncing electricity of music

and much, much more!

Please, if you decide to try out the Violet Wand or other E-Stim technology, consult your physician first.
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