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Eating her out, BBLs & more: Have you made YOUR sexy resolutions yet?

December 29, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 55
Come With Us Podcast
Eating her out, BBLs & more: Have you made YOUR sexy resolutions yet?
Show Notes

It's been a YEAR hasn't it, y'all? We've kept it kinky for you throughout the entirety of 2021, though... and we hope you've learned a lot from us. 

With 2022 looming on the horizon, we brainstormed some ways to make next year the hottest year ever with some resolutions for y'all (plus a few thrown in for ourselves, lol)!

Here's some of what we touched on during this episode:

  • It's the last podcast of the year!
  • We celebrated our one-year anniversary last week. Listen here.  
  • Tina is not a winter person
  • Would Tina like Hedonism? (We think yes, lol)
  • "New year new you bullshit"
  • New Year's Eve traditions
  • Tina: don't get pregnant in 2022
  • Sexy New Year's Eve disasters
  • Being naked in the snow with only shoes on
  • Traveling to tropical destinations
  • Taking in "strays"
  • Sexual Resolutions
  • What is a BBL? 
  • What does BBL even stand for?!
  • Being really good at loving people at a detriment to yourself
  • More sex in 2022
  • Podcast resolutions: more guests!!!
  • Podcast sponsors

And the big question: should we try more sex accessories on air in 2022? Email with your suggestions!


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