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Anytime, Anywhere: Free Use Fetish Always Means "Yes!"

October 06, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 43
Come With Us Podcast
Anytime, Anywhere: Free Use Fetish Always Means "Yes!"
Show Notes

Have you heard of the "free use" fetish before? Beth & Tina hadn't either! So, on this episode, Aaron explains it to us (and you). 

At least one of us thought the free use fetish was "kind of hot"... you'll have to listen to find out who it was. 

Here's what else we discussed on this episode:

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  • Free Use subreddit
  • Living in a sex club
  • BDSM dynamics
  • Fear of rejection
  • Being interrupted
  • Sport fucking
  • Waking up to a blow job
  • Humiliation kink
  • The three types of free use
  • FemDom (female domination)
  • 'Secretary' (the movie)
  • Swingers Club
  • Life on the Swingset
  • And here's some of the places we imagined doin' it:
    • while reading
    • while playing video games
    • on a ladder (?!)
    • getting ready to go out
    • peeing
    • working
    • and more!

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