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10 Things Women Want Men to Know About Sex

September 29, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 42
Come With Us Podcast
10 Things Women Want Men to Know About Sex
Show Notes

Fellas, listen up. This episode is all about the 10 things women want men  to know about sex. Now, this list comes from the "Sex for Dummies" books, which was published back in 1995, so, while we don't necessarily agree with everything on the list, it was an excellent jumping off point for lively, honest discussion. 

Here's what the gang talked about:

  • Dr. Ruth
  • Beth met Dr. Ruth!
  • Chivalry
  • Holding the door
  • Empty guestures
  • Appearances count
  • Wearing shorts on a date
  • Clean out your underwear drawer
  • Clits are more delicate than penises
  • Gagging during oral
  • Being messy during sex
  • Sex Life TV show = Bad example of swinging
  • Giving as much as you're getting


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