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How to Make a Sex Tape with No Regrets

September 15, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 40
Come With Us Podcast
How to Make a Sex Tape with No Regrets
Show Notes

"Pardon me for a sec, cause I have to powder my butt for it's close-up." ~ Beth

Yep, y'all guessed it. This week's episode is all about making sex tapes: how to do it, where to do it and how to avoid any awkwardness. Here's what we talked about:

  • Have you ever made a sex tape?
  • Making a sex video while inebriated
  • Sex tape regrets
  • Kodak moments
  • Watching yourself have sex
  • Fears & insecurities
  • Don't trust it to the cloud
  • What do you look like fucking?
  • The Fappening
  • Kim Kardashian Sex Tape
  • Boudoir photos
  • Our porn episode
  • Making sex tapes at hotels
  • Would you watch a friend's sex tape?
  • Which positions look good on camera?
  • Old nude pics
  • Role-playing
  • The money shot
  • BJ Class
  • Cumming too fast
  • Lasting too long

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