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Sexy Role Play: How To + A Few of Our Personal Experiences

August 11, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 35
Come With Us Podcast
Sexy Role Play: How To + A Few of Our Personal Experiences
Show Notes

Meet Candy... that's Beth's Role Playing name! We thought you'd like to know it, since this episode is focused completely on the amazing fun that is bedroom role play! And, y'all, the gang covered a LOT of ground this episode, including:

  • What is role playing?
  • How to ask for role playing?
  • Getting out of normal
  • Types of role play:
    • Lost hiker role play
    • Boss/employee role play
    • Teacher/student role play
    • Imaginary affair role play
    • Massage therapist role play
    • Food delivery role play
    • Plumber role play
    • Pirate role play
    • Doctor/nurse role play
    • Animal role play
    • Santa role play
    • Pilgrim role play
    • Daddy/babygirl role play
    • Prostitute/John role play
    • Cheerleader role play
  • Consensual non-consent
  • Sharing your role play fantasies is vulnerable
  • Hangups with role playing
  • Does giving head clear up sinuses?

CONTEST: Beth has two pirate costumes (never used!) to giveaway to our listeners! To enter, email your pirate roleplaying fantasy to [email protected] Word limit: 300. Note: Must live in one of the 48 contiguous United States.  Winners will be announced on our social media.


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