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Be a Superhero: Give Her the Orgasm She Really Wants!

June 09, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 26
Come With Us Podcast
Be a Superhero: Give Her the Orgasm She Really Wants!
Show Notes

"Women have sex to get love.  Men have sex to give love." - Beth

But everyone should enjoy it fully- so never leave your partner hanging!

Beth, Aaron and Tina tell you what you need to  make sure you know how to "finish her off well!"  

Here are a few of the (sometimes random but actually related) topics that came up:

  • Playing with yourself after sexy
  • Finishing yourself off
  • Protecting egos
  • How many women do NOT experience orgasm with their partner? 
  • Betty Dodson (she taught the world that the clitoris was a game changer!)
  • Westworld sex robots
  • Losing libido after marriage
  • PDA & Affection
  • Feeling lust-worthy
  • 1/4 of all marriages are sexless
  • Icy sex
  • High libido
  • Getting turned down
  • Beth's Book 
  • Seduction ideas
  • Why you should take penetration off the table
  • Asking for things that feel embarrassing
  • Power exchanges

And more!

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