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Masturbation Celebration!!!

May 05, 2021 Beth Liebling Episode 21
Come With Us Podcast
Masturbation Celebration!!!
Show Notes

"Self-pleasure should be celebrated!" ~ Beth

May has come and so should you... you know the theme of May is Masturbation May, right?

The gang is here to talk about playing with yourself and why it's important to do that (so that you can play well with others) covering topics like:

  • Alternate ways to say "masturbate"
  • Pussies come in all colors
  • Do you talk about masturbation with your friends?
  • Are sex toys cheating?
  • Feeling left out
  • It's ok to be messy ... even when you're alone
  • Mutual self-pleasure
  • Discretion vs. Hiding
  • Masturbation Myths
  • Touchless orgasms
  • Fantasizing about others
  • Sexy Ed School
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