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Fantasizing About Others: The Intricacies of American Sexual Behaviors and Thoughts

September 27, 2023 Beth Liebling Episode 146
Come With Us Podcast
Fantasizing About Others: The Intricacies of American Sexual Behaviors and Thoughts
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Imagine the shock when a recent study revealed that nearly half of all Americans have thought of someone else during sex. What are the implications of this confession for relationship dynamics and gender inequalities? Are we on the brink of a sexual revolution or is this merely a reflection of our primal instincts? Join us as we expose, analyze and challenge the sexual thoughts and behaviors of the modern American.

We uncover truths about why men tend to engage in sex, even if they're not in the mood, and why women are more likely to decline under the same circumstances. We'll stir up controversy discussing the concept of 'holes and poles' and what it means for long-term relationships. This conversation takes a raw look at monogamy, its feasibility, and the potential for real intimacy in a committed relationship. Buckle up as we navigate through power dynamics in sexual relationships, and the practice of vaginal steaming. We'll also explore our evolutionary history to understand current sexual behaviors.

We won't shy away from discussing celebrity influence on personal behaviors, making particular reference to followers of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. We'll dissect why it's crucial to critically analyze advice, even from celebrities, and the need to customize it to one's personal needs. The conversation also underscores the importance of open dialogue in discussing fantasies and desires with your partner to foster a healthy, consensual sexual relationship. So, brace yourselves for an episode that is as informative as it is thought-provoking.

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