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Break Free with Support Pup Cooper: Role Play, Coming Out, and Authenticity

September 20, 2023 Beth Liebling Episode 145
Come With Us Podcast
Break Free with Support Pup Cooper: Role Play, Coming Out, and Authenticity
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An electrifying journey awaits you as we venture into the enthralling world of pup play with our esteemed guest, Pup Cooper. We journey down the fascinating intersections of the pup community with impact play, unearthing hidden aspects of role play that can profoundly amplify diverse relationships. Listen in as Pup Cooper shares his wisdom on how role-playing can act as an extraordinary stress-buster while also providing a safe and consensual playground to unleash your wild side.

This episode takes a tender turn as we broach the delicate subject of coming out. We explore the vital elements of setting the right environment, establishing your expectations, and coping with the reactions that follow in a constructive manner. Unravel the importance of granting space to the other party to absorb this newfound information, thereby fostering a healthier and more understanding bond.

As we reach the concluding chapter, we inspire you to break the shackles of societal norms and embrace authenticity in your relationships. Engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Pup Cooper on the necessity to articulate our emotions, seek what we need, and wield these tools to manifest the life and relationships of our dreams. Dive into a conversation that explores the cruciality of constructing trust and connection in relationships. So, whether you're seeking a fresh perspective on puppy play or advice on navigating intricate relationships, this episode is your go-to guide!

If you're interested to learn more, check out Cooper's website and his Instagram.

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