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"The G00d TJ" Shares His Best Sexy Tips

November 09, 2022 Beth Liebling Episode 100
Come With Us Podcast
"The G00d TJ" Shares His Best Sexy Tips
Show Notes

"The G00d TJ" is back this week to join Beth, Aaron and Tina and talk about his best tips for men on pleasing a woman. After years in the shared wife lifestyle and running a company (The G00dfellaz) focused on bringing women pleasure, TJ agreed to give his advice on how to give a woman the sexual fulfillment she deserves.

We also discussed:

  • Making a woman feel like a queen
  • women typically want things from the G00dfellaz that they aren't getting at home
  • the best way a man can make himself presentable for women
  • how the G00dfellaz exchange tips to up their performance
  • teaching men how to find the g-spot
  • how a guy can delay his ejaculation when wanting to last longer

If you'd like to find out more about the G00dfellaz make sure to check out TJ's website

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