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Meet SSBBW Star and Sensual Domme Vivienne Rose

October 05, 2022 Beth Liebling Episode 95
Come With Us Podcast
Meet SSBBW Star and Sensual Domme Vivienne Rose
Show Notes

This week Beth, Aaron & Tina are joined in studio by the curvaceous SSBBW Vivienne Rose! Vivienne is a former teacher and oil industry survivor turned model and goddess and utilizes her voluptuous figure, complete with an 84" ass, to blaze her own trail in the adult industry.

We also discussed:

  • how Vivienne went from the professional world to being a "sensual domme"
  • promoting her message of body acceptance
  • different types of videos she has shot
  • finding her first orgasm at 40-years old
  • different people's orgasm faces and noises
  • all different types of men want BBWs and SSBBWs
  • the mechanics of having sexy fun with an SSBBW
  • does size really matter when you're with a big girl

Make sure to check out Vivienne's website ( and follow her on Twitter ( and her OnlyFans(

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