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Electrifying Sexy Fun with Dara Khaleesi

April 20, 2022 Beth Liebling Episode 71
Come With Us Podcast
Electrifying Sexy Fun with Dara Khaleesi
Show Notes

This week Beth, Aaron & Tina are joined by Dara, the Electro Kahleesi, of the Pink Kink Podcast to talk about electro play and the Violet Wand! Dara gives the gang an in-depth guide to how she uses the Violet Wand as an electro domme and talks about how she got into the BDSM and electro world!

We also discussed:

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  • Different ways to use the Violet Wand
  • Why the Violet Wand is the superior electro toy
  • How to play SAFELY with the Violet Wand and electro play in general
  • Dara guides Tina through some experiments with the Violet Wand

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