Come With Us Podcast

Bonus Episode: Learn to Love - Oral & All

March 11, 2022 Beth Liebling
Come With Us Podcast
Bonus Episode: Learn to Love - Oral & All
Show Notes

Y'all must be thinking.... What the heck!? It's a Friday, why is there a new episode of Come With Us Podcast!

Welp, it's a bonus y'all! Beth and Aaron snuck into the studio this week to tell you about Beth's upcoming course: Learn to Love - Oral & All! Here are some of the things they talked about:

  • Aaron's wife took the class
    • And graduated!
    • And got a certificate!
    • And attended this class from the comfort of her own home
  • What exactly does a relationship coach do?
  • The homework for this class is so fun!
  • Remembering why you love your spouse
  • People thinking you should already know what they want
  • Intimacy is not the same as the Five Love Languages
  • "In five weeks things have changed on a dime!"
  • How to do things sexually
  • Getting over hangups about our bodies
  • Navigating emotions

There is no nudity or pornography in this class. The course begins on April 5. Click here to get your VIP Special Pricing before it goes up! Let's make 2022 the hottest summer on record, okay?


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