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The 'Come With Us' Guide to Steak & a Blow Job Day

March 09, 2022 Beth Liebling Episode 65
Come With Us Podcast
The 'Come With Us' Guide to Steak & a Blow Job Day
Show Notes

Once again, Steak & a BJ Day is imminent. The official date is March 14, exactly one month after Valentine's Day, but honestly, we think you can celebrate any day you want. 

Here's some of the exciting Steak & a BJ topics we covered this episode:

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  • "As long as a month later - I'll get mine"
  • Most men don't want to ask for oral
  • Steak & a BJ Day is kind of becoming an Anti-Valentine's Day
  • All holidays are not real
  • Feeling coopted into celebrating
  • It's easy because it's specific
  • Men: Cook the steak to get the BJ
  • It's also PiDay
  • Teasing with a BJ throughout the day
  • Asking for blow jobs is not lazy or greedy
  • Engaging in mutual oral sex is good for the relationship
  • How to ask for a blow job

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