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Calling Him Daddy: Creepy or Kinky?

March 02, 2022 Beth Liebling Episode 64
Come With Us Podcast
Calling Him Daddy: Creepy or Kinky?
Show Notes

Have you ever called your partner "Daddy" during sexy fun? How'd you feel about it? Kind of creepy, but also kind of turned on? You're not alone. 

Here's a few things we touched on this week:

  • Why is 'Daddy' a sexy term?
  • Making a political statement with 'Daddy'
  • Power
  • Getting turned on by being called 'Daddy'
  • Aaron's story (It's a fun one!)
  • Aaron's wife's new "toy"
  • Getting affection through sex
  • BDSM world loves 'daddy'
  • Being treated like a Princess
  • Experimentation vs. BDSM
  • Step-sibling kinks
  • Oedipal undertones
  • Mommy vs. Mami
  • Littles
  • The Kink Test 
  • Age play
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We want to hear your experiences with using the word "daddy" in the bedroom! Send us an email at!

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